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Cheap domain name registration: it's easy, convenient, safe!

Evitahost offers cheap domain name registration for any Internet project at a really competitive price. The company practices a comprehensive approach to solving any problems, therefore it additionally checks domain names and registers them with observance of all the subtleties of the process. Customers need to do three simple steps:

  1. Connect to the Internet
  2. Go to
  3. Choose the optimal domain for yourself.

You do not need to do anything else, the rest is a matter of technique. Due to the harmonious work of the Evitahost team, all organizational, technical and legal issues are minimized. Most tasks are solved on a turnkey basis, there are no pitfalls and unpleasant surprises. We guarantee 100% safety of any transaction and bear full responsibility for it.

Why buy a domain name?

Indeed, why buy a domain name, if you can come up with your own? The fact is that today there are so many domains that it is difficult to find a beautiful name when registering, which is still free. According to the Association of Registrars of national domains of European countries CENTR, last year the number of domain names has already exceeded 300 million. Each year this figure only increases.

Evitahost customers often buy domains, because it's not only convenient and profitable. They buy domain because it allows to:

  • choose the most consonant name with the name of the company or field of activity
  • choose a name with serious indicators of DA and PR, which is important for promotion
  • acquire a domain name, which after a while can be profitable to sell.

There are a lot of reasons for selling a domain name. For example, the owner closed a business or project, something changed in the market or inside the company. Sometimes site owners simply forget to renew domains on time. Or the project was created for the future, but the plans have changed. There is also such a direction as cybersquatting - reselling of domain names. Here you need to look at the conditions, guarantees - and choose the most optimal options.

What to consider when choosing and registering a domain name?

Buying and registering a domain name is a very important matter. If you make a mistake at the initial stage, then you either have to choose a new domain, or live and work with that name. Let's list the moments on which it is necessary to first of all pay attention:

  • The best domain name is the name of the company, brand, product or service
  • the name should be easy to remember and be spelled correctly
  • it's good if the site address is unambiguous and easily pronounced out loud
  • In the domain there can be numbers, and if necessary, a hyphen (but better without them)
  • The shorter the domain, the better - this truth has been verified for years.

The zone also matters. For example, different companies, businesses, organizations and other entities often choose the .org zone. Some site owners are betting on the geographical position, some are confidently choosing the .com zone, because this is the golden mean. Common international domain zones are .net, .biz, .info, .pro, .name. On the territory of the India, in most cases, sites are registered in the zone .in

What should I look for when buying a domain in the .in zone?

Domain names in the .in zone refer to the category of national domains. The first such domain in India was registered in 1992, and now the number of names of this zone is more than 2 million. All physical and legal entities, as well as foreign companies operating in the territory of the India, can register or buy such a domain.

The minimum period for which you can buy a domain name is 12 months. A year later the domain will need to be renewed - this service is paid. The procedure of registration or renewal takes several minutes, does not require special knowledge and skills. There are several requirements that can not be ignored: the number of characters - from 2 to 63, the letters - Latin, at the end of the domain name there should not be a dash, it is forbidden to use spaces.

How and for what to check the history of the domain?

On the Internet, the following question is often asked: 'Where is it better to buy a domain?'. In this there is nothing surprising, because no one wants to risk - to spend a small amount, and as a result to stay at the broken trough. We recommend that you only contact those vendors who help verify the history of the domain name.

Checking the history is necessary, because as a result of simple actions, the future owner will find out:

  • whether filters and search engine penalties apply to the domain
  • What is the reputation of a domain on the Internet or professional communities
  • what will be the indexing, ranking and promotion of the site
  • whether the domain was involved in the distribution of prohibited materials

The simplest (but paid!) way to check the history of the domain - contact us! The verification algorithm is quite simple and allows you to find out all the information. There are a lot of other services that show such data on the domain, such as hosting server location, availability status, registration date, etc.

Yandex and Google will be able to tell interesting things about the chosen domain name. It's enough to enter a domain in the search bar - and if it's with a history, the search engines will not hide anything. All references will be in front of you.

How not to buy a domain in a risk zone?

The Internet is not only an endless opportunity for users, but also serious risks. In the situation with the purchase of domain names, it is possible to have funny cases, and even financial losses. According to statistics, only 1.2% of Indian domains are trademarks and are protected by the relevant legislation. Other site owners risk falling into the trap of scammers.

Registery data show that approximately the same number of sites are registered by legal entities and individuals. The risks in this case may be as follows:

  • when registering a domain name for individuals - employees, they can leave the company by taking the domain with them
  • a reckless domain registration may lead to the violation of someone's rights to a registered trademark
  • The domain has been under the influence of search engine filters for a long time, and its purchase will bring only disappointment.

In order not to fall into the risk zone, you need to use the services of only verified sellers and special services offered by registrars. Companies such as Evitahost are the guarantor of the future transaction and, if necessary, provide comprehensive information support.

How to register a trademark?

You can register a domain with a trademark with the help of a patent attorney. To do this, you need to provide the lawyer with a copy of the identificaion document and a pre-designed logo (text, image or combined). Regarding financial costs - payment for patent attorney services and payment of fees. For self-registration, you must send the completed form to the appropriate authority by mail or electronically.

The presence of not only a unique domain name, but also a registered trademark, is the reliable protection of the entire business or specific products from copying, theft, raider seizure. This approach will prevent illegal actions from unfair competitors. In case of problems, the trademark will help to defend your honest name and preserve your property.

What does the price of a domain name depend on?

Many domains in Evitahost are really cheap. But it is important to understand what exactly affects the final price of the domain you like. There are a lot of evaluation criteria, here are some of them:

  • brevity, ease of memorization, uniqueness, observance of zoning, age
  • Search rankings, the amount of reference mass, the number of references on the Internet
  • DA and PR, presence in 'Yandex.Catalog' and DMOZ, use of numbers and a hyphen.

There are many examples of both super-expensive domains, and those that can be purchased at a minimum price. For example, there are rumors that the new owner of the site had to give away more than $ 100 million for its purchase. The domain name of the site in its time was sold for 30.1 million dollars. The domain of the search engine 'Yandex' is included in the top 20 most expensive domain names around the world.

To find out how much a particular domain name costs, contact Evitahost managers in any convenient way:

  1. Use the feedback form at
  2. Send an email to the sales team:
  3. Chat with employees via Skype saini.ashok or WhatsApp +918130020947.

Consultations are provided absolutely free of charge. Ask any questions (even if they seem stupid and ridiculous to you) - we will definitely find the right answers on them. After all, that's why we are working to help our clients.

INFORMATION! A domain is the name of a site that is used as an Internet address. Domain names are national and international; first, second, third and other levels. In the network, the domain name is necessarily bound to a specific address, which has the form If the site owner decides to change the hosting, this technology will provide an opportunity to save the name and content of the site.

Specialists distinguish two basic rules for recording a domain name: the first - the zones are listed from right to left, the second - to use the level to use the point. In the chain of addresses, the first and second level domain names will be higher. Each zone has its own social thematic meaning: .com - commerce, .biz - business, .net - network and network settings, .info - information portals, .org - non-profit organizations, .name - private portals, .edu - educational system, .int - international companies, .gov - governmental structures, .pro - specialists of different industries, .travel - travel, tourism, resorts. This list can be continued for a long time, and new zones are added regularly.

National domains are assigned to each country by ICANN staff, and they necessarily correspond to the two-letter country code. To date, there are more than 250 national domain groups of the first level. In the formation of multilingual domains, the letters of the national alphabet of a particular country are used. Branch domains are linked to organizations of certain departments and industries. Geographical domain names, as a rule, correspond to the names of countries, regions, cities, other settlements. Territorial domains are more intended for specialized Internet communities.

Registration of each of the listed domains takes 10-15 minutes. Updating the registration data lasts about 48 hours, the terms may vary depending on the registrar's database. You can use the domain name for an unlimited period of time, most importantly - do not forget to renew it after the specified period. Sometimes domain names are purchased in advance, and the sites on them are placed as needed. There is nothing to worry about, this is a normal practice for both private and legal entities. If you made a mistake while registering the domain or if you bought a domain name with an error - unfortunately, nothing can be fixed. You have to be very careful!

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