Shared Hosting

Evita Bronze
1 GB Disk Space

10 GB Bandwidth

1 FTP account

1 database MySQL

2 email account POP3

0 Addon / Parked Domain

Free SSL
Evita Silver
3 GB Disk Space

30 GB Bandwidth

5 FTP accounts

5 database MySQL

10 email accounts POP3

1 Addon / Parked Domains

Free SSL
Evita Gold
5 GB Disk Space

50 GB Bandwidth

30 FTP accounts

30 database MySQL

30 email accounts POP3

10 Addon / Parked Domains

Free SSL
Evita Platinum
10 GB Disk Space

100 GB Bandwidth

40 FTP accounts

40 database MySQL

40 email accounts POP3

15 Addon / Parked Domains

Free SSL

Included with All Plans:

  • PHP5, PHP7
    Web Mail
    E-Mail Forwarders
    Mailing Lists
    CloudFlare CDN
    Password Protected
  • SPF & DKIM
    Install over 100 scripts
    with one-click
    cPanel Control Panel
    Addon Domains
    Parked Domains
  • Sub Domains
    Developer Friendly
    Ruby on Rails
    Ioncube & Zend Loaders
    Perl & CGI
  • cURL
    Cron Jobs
    Custom Error Pages
    Hotlink Protection
    Access & Error Logs
    Bandwidth Usage Logs

How to buy cheapest web hosting for a site and get around all the pitfalls

Evitahost offers profitable and safe conditions for buying cheapest web hosting for any Internet project, be it a corporate blog of a small enterprise or a large information portal of the scale of 'Wikipedia.'

Hosting is designed to store site data and provide round-the-clock access to them. When choosing a provider, pay attention to its reliability and reputation. In order to buy hosting from us, it is enough to follow a simple algorithm.

  1. Select the best tariff plan above by comparing the terms of each package.
  2. Pay for Evitahost services in a convenient way (via PayPal, Instamojo etc.).
  3. Ask the company's managers if any question arise.

To protect your account from the actions of intruders, it is recommended that you immediately change your password and perform a set of security settings (we will surely tell you how and what to do!). It is important to set up notifications in such a way as to receive all necessary information in a timely manner.

What should a newbie pay attention to when choosing a hosting?

The first thing to consider is the capabilities of the hosting company and the type of hosting itself. All services of this direction are divided into three large groups:

  • shared hosting (suitable for blogs, small business sites, forums and corporate sites with traffic up to 3000 person a day, plus point - cheap, out of the minuses - possible failures due to a sharp overrun of resources from neighbors on the server) ;
  • A virtual private server (it is rational to buy for portal owners and online stores with daily traffic up to 10 000 people, plus of VPS-server - own IP-address, careful external control and a wide range of configurations, minus - at a minimum price, the administration of the operating system is performed by you)
  • A dedicated server (designed for the operation of gaming sites and other resource-intensive sites with traffic of more than 10,000 people per day, the main plus is its own physical server and complete independence from other web resources, minus is a relatively high price).

Among other things, pay attention to the amount of disk space, set of functions and tools, the level of technical support. It is desirable that the traffic is adequate, popular CMS are available, such technologies and scripts as PHP, Python, MySQL, Parser, etc. are supported. All the manipulations with the site can be done through a convenient graphical interface - Cpanel, ISPmanager or Plesk Panel.

How to choose hosting for WordPress?

If you have created a site on the WordPress platform and are currently searching for the best hosting for it, make sure that the hosting you like has support for the PHP programming language, MySQL is used as the database and FTP access is required.

The main requirement is that hosting provider does not limit the platform's capabilities. For this:

  • the speed of the selected data link must be as high as possible
  • there should be no glitches in the hosting operation (round-the-clock access is an important condition for selection)
  • If the load increases sharply, the system must cope with this problem on its own;
  • the amount of traffic must be adequate, there should not be any obstacles in setting up.

The installation of the site in most cases is done automatically. The database is created using a special script, all the files are transferred to the folder themselves, and the domain name is attached to the site.

Why not to choose free hosting?

Free hosting has more flaws than advantages. The advantages include lack of payment, the maximum ease of site uploading, the availability of ready-made templates and designs for the rapid creation of Web resources. With this plus points ends. Let's move on to the risks and negative aspects:

  • Clients receive third-level domain names that are poorly indexed by search engines and are poorly promoted
  • Internet projects on free hosting have a low download speed, which is especially noticeable with increasing number of users
  • obtrusive advertisingat may appear any time on the site, on what actually such hosting companies earn;
  • the owner of the site by and large is not 100% owner of the resource, it can at any time be blocked or even deleted
  • hosting without payment implies the provision of minimum disk space, for large-scale projects this is not enough
  • most often free hosting does not support all the scripts of programming languages ​​that are necessary for the correct operation of the site.

If you have any questions during the process, you can contact technical support. But the answer will have to wait until a few days. When working with a commercial project or an online store, this is unacceptable, because such an approach will entail loss of customers and financial losses.

Why not pay attention to too cheap web hosting?

With minimal payment for web hosting, the quality of hosting company services will also be minimal. Experts advise to find a middle ground, because too budgetary options entail the emergence of a mass of problems:

  • insufficient server power will sooner or later lead to periodic disruptions in the site, especially in severe cases
  • slow page load not only scares off users and potential customers, but also significantly reduces the site ranking in the list of major search engines
  • poor security will help spread viruses and hacker attacks, which will result in the loss of important data.

Inexpensive hosting is only suitable as a temporary solution for small business site owners and small Internet projects, home pages with minimal traffic, demo sites. This option can be chosen to launch a pilot information project, a simple urban forum with limited traffic. But over time, there will still be a question about changing the hosting company or choosing a different tariff - more expensive, with a large set of services.

Why is the hosting speed important for SEO promotion of the website?

Beginners will say that speed and other hosting parameters are not of particular importance for SEO-promotion of an Internet project. In fact, it's a gross mistake - the higher the hosting performance, the better. Let's see how speed affects the quality and success of promotion.

The server's speed of text, graphics, audio and video content is of particular importance in determining the number of indexed pages. Also it is worth paying attention to this feature: the faster the site works, the better the behavioral characteristics of users. To improve the position of a web resource in the search engines, perform a few simple steps:

  • use the latest version of PHP to increase the speed of site load;
  • enable UTF-8 encoding to protect against incorrect text display;
  • configure automatic redirection to HTTPS to eliminate duplicate pages
  • Regularly check the load on hosting - both on the database and on the processor
  • Make sure that the hosting settings fully comply with the CMS requirements.

Of particular importance is the speed of DNS servers for domain names. According to statistics, more than 40% of visitors leave the site if it is loads more than 3 seconds. You can not allow users to leave without even starting to work with your project.

Why is it better to overpay for hosting, but get timely technical support?

This question is especially relevant in the work of beginners, because regularly there are a lot of questions that you want to get professional answers as soon as possible. And this can only be done by the support staff - the technical support services for projects. Accordingly, before you buy hosting for the site, make sure that the support service works around the clock, and it is represented by adequate qualified specialists. Support must offer

  • immediate response to the 'fall' of the server and other serious problems
  • provide comprehensive advice on the operation of the server's content and its settings
  • restore information from the backup databases for any failure
  • timely inform site owners about technical work and software updates

Communication with customers should be carried out in different ways - via online chat, Skype and phone, through tickets (requests from the 'Personal account') and e-mail. Practice shows: the more expensive are the services of the hosting company, the more adequate and professional the technical support service is. Therefore, it is better not to save here!

Why should there be a place on the hosting account for growth?

Disk space on hosting directly depends on the selected tariff and the amount you are willing to pay for the capabilities of your hosting account. Beginners can start with a minimum tariff - for the first time this will be enough with your project. Next, you have to think about increasing disk space. A common reason is the expansion of the Internet project, a significant increase in its functionality and traffic. There are other reasons why the size of the hosting account should be with a margin:

  • Over time, numerous archives accumulate in databases, which you may not even know about, but which take up a lot of space
  • The Uploads folder is regularly filled with extra pictures, and if they are not deleted, the disk space will run out after a while
  • unnecessary files often appear on the disk space, for the beginner, their detection and cleaning is almost impossible task

The reason for the increase in disk space can be the addition of a new domain to the hosting. If the project is designed to ensure that users will independently post their content on the site (for example, photos and videos), the issue of disk size should also be taken into account in advance.

How does Evitahost fully meet the above requirements?

Evitahost offers its clients four main packages of hosting services, which can be ordered in a few clicks: Evita Bronze, Evita Silver, Evita Gold, Evita Platinum. Each tariff plan implies a monthly payment for the specified amount. The difference between packages is the amount of disk space and traffic. Common parameters are free SSL and unlimited domains, E-mail, MySQL. The transition from one tariff plan to another is carried out without any problems and in the shortest possible time.

The second reason why Evitahost is considered the best option for a hosting company is the work of professional technical support. Support service is organized in such a way as to assist clients at any time of the day, both on weekdays and on weekends. There are no such questions, in which our technical support would not have answers. Some companies use the services of outsourcing support services, but this approach will not bring the desired result. In the department of customer support only certified specialists should work, who in practice know all the subtleties of this direction.

Another important feature of Evitahost's work is data protection and availability of site backups, which is especially important with such an active spread of cyberthreats in the form of virus attacks and the introduction of extortion programs. Our hosting provides regular data backup, which will help restore the site if something happens to it.

Additional reasons for purchasing exactly our hosting: the maximum level of availability of all services, the ability to add domains, the optimal storage capacity, a convenient management system and a thoughtful server configuration. For more information on each of these questions, consult our consultants - just call!

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