Transferring the website from another hosting provider

When you transfer a website from a third-party hosting provider to the Evitahost server, you can reduce the time of inaccessibility of the site + mail (hosting) to zero. All you need for this is to follow the following instructions clearly.

Your account with the current provider can be presented schematically in the form of the following interrelated objects: the domain (the name on which the site is opened) and the hosting site itself, which in general includes the contents of the site (content), mailboxes and - database (Figure 1).

Fig. 1

So, we want the hosting to move to the site of the company Evitahost.

Step 1. The first thing to do is to purchase a service in Evitahot.

To do this, register on and order a hosting service.

It is important that the former hosting provider site was still available and the site worked. A new service will be provided, but at this stage the site will still work from the old place (Fig. 2). That's why you need to start the transfer without giving up the services of the previous hosting provider.

Fig. 2

Step 2. In the second step, you need to place the content of the site (copying it from the old hosting site), migrate and configure the databases (if any), and create the necessary mailboxes on the new hosting. This is done with the help of passwords of access (ftp, database) sent to you after activation, at the same time, for setting up a site on our site, you need to use a temporary address specially allocated for testing. (If you have any problems with content transfer, restore the database or set up an account via the control panel, please contact technical support - we will definitely provide you with advice.) If the data transfer is successful, the new site is already a copy of your site ( you can verify this at a temporary address).

So, we copy:

Fig. 3

At this stage, the site is still running from the site of the former hosting provider, but if the data transfer is successful, the new site is already a copy of your site (you can verify this by viewing the site at the temporary address) (Figure 3).

Step 3. After the copy of the site is placed on the new site, the databases are connected, and the mailboxes are created and configured, you should register new DNS-servers (the DNS servers of Evitahost company) for the domain, thereby redirecting the domain name to a new site (Figure 4). To do this, we need to install our NS servers for the domain in the registrar's database - a request to install new NS-servers must be sent to the organization through which the domain name registration took place.

Fig. 4

After changing NS-servers, the site will start to open from our site (the process of updating DNS can take from several hours to a day). In this case, the sites can be opened from both the old and the new location. Users will not feel the difference, the more they will not encounter an inaccessible site, as the sites on the old and new place will be identical (see Fig.4).

At this stage, we recommend that you refrain from making changes on the site in order to avoid losing the updated data.

After a while, all requests already come to a new hosting (Figure 5):

Fig. 5

We recommend to connect to the mail server of the previous hosting provider one day after the change of NS-servers, using the IP-address of the mail server (for details, you can contact the technical support of the old hosting provider), and pick up the mail for the last time, because At the time of updating NS-servers, correspondence could arrive at the old place.

Step 4. Notice: in Fig. 5 designation with the inscription "domain" in the figure did not appear in green colors, indicating the company Evitahot. The fact is that the domain name remains under the control of the former hosting provider or the company that made the primary domain registration. You can transfer the domain to our support, which will allow you to fully pay for all services in one place, as well as to resolve various administrative issues related to the domain, using the services of the company Evitahot.

This procedure is not necessary: ​​you can continue to pay for the domain name in the old place, and pay for hosting through Evitahot. We recommend that you migrate the domain to the last place. The transfer procedure is quite lengthy and involves the processing of documents for transferring the domain to a new registrar under an agreement with the company Evitahot. If you decide to transfer your domains to our company, contact the Client Service Evitahot. We will help you in preparing the necessary documents (Fig.6).

Fig. 6th

As a result of the implementation of all the steps - the Internet resource is working with the site Evitahot, and the domain name is under our support.

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