How to upload site to server?

The Internet today is the main media environment. Every day, tens of millions of websites provide up-to-date information to billions of users. A modern web-master should not be a technical specialist at all. Rather a businessman. He can order the creation of a website for the knowledgeable people, and his content - the content provider. All he will have to do is decide how to fill the site with the host.
You will need

- data for access to the administrative panel of the hosting account;
- data for access to the site server via FTP.

1. Prepare the contents of the site, which must be moved to the server hosting provider. Create a temporary directory on your computer's hard drive. Create a subdirectory structure in a temporary directory that matches the assumed directory structure of the site on the server. Place in the created directories files of scripts, static pages, images, etc. In separate directories, unpack database dumps, if any.

2. Connect to the server of the hosting provider via FTP with your credentials. Use an FTP client or a file manager with FTP support.

3. Change to the public documents directory of the main resource domain. Copy a portion of the content to be hosted on the primary domain from the temporary directory on the hard disk to the current directory on the server. Make a copy while maintaining the directory structure.

4. Change the permissions for files and folders, if necessary. For the correct operation of various scripts, you may need to change the access rights to data or configuration files, to directories intended for data storage, and so on. Typically, the rights can be changed using an FTP client.

5. Create databases, if necessary for the operation of site scripts. Go to the corresponding section of the administrative hosting panel. Add the required number of databases with the desired names. Create database users and set passwords for them.

6. Fill in the dumps of the site databases to the host. Use web-interfaces of database administration packages, like phpMyAdmin. Go to the appropriate section of the control panel, make the current one of the databases, open the data import page. Download the data to the database from the dump on the local disk.
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