Terms of Use


1. Promotional prices. Evitahost may periodically offer "free" or discounted services or credits related to promotional offers including, but not limited to, free domain name registration. Such promo offers are offered only with specific promotional packages with which they are associated. If the customer changes his subscription by upgrading or downgrading the subscription with which the promotional offer is related, the client will lose the right to credit associated with the promo package and Evitahost will charge the used cost of the promotional offer.

2. Archive. For greater efficiency, Evitahost periodically makes an archive of information located on its servers, but this function is not included in the responsibility of EvitaHost and is not promised to customers as part of the presentation of the service. It is solely the duty of the client to make an archive of files. EvitaHost will in no case be liable to any of the clients for the damage or loss of files and / or any other client information on the Evitahost servers. EvitaHost will not attempt to archive an account that exceeds 50,000 files or 30 GB of space.

3. Accurate account information. The customer must constantly update and keep accurate current contact information stored in the account of Evitahost to avoid termination of his account.

4. Preservation of rights. Evitahost reserves the right to refuse to provide services or to cancel an account of any client for any legitimate reason at any time during the use of the Evitahost service by the client.

5. Parked page service. Evitahost provides a parking service for the domain registered through Evitahot or located on Evitahost. The user can cancel the parking service at any time simply by replacing the default web page on the parked domain or by specifying a different DNS from the Evitahost. Using any page parking service, the user agrees that Evitahost will send the domain name or DNS to one of the pages of Evitahost or its affiliate. Also, Evitahost reserves the right to advertise on this user page. The user is not entitled to any compensation or credit in connection with the monetization of the parked user pages. The User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Evitahost from any complications arising from the use of the parked page service, including but not limited to the actions that Evitahost is taking to correct the misuse or misuse of the user of the website hosted by Evitahost.


1. Violation of the Terms and Cancellation of the Account. Evitahost prohibits the use of its services for the following purposes. In case of violation of the prohibition, the account will be immediately deleted without a refund.

2. Spam. Spam, regardless of whether it is overloaded with this service or violates the Evitahost customer service, is prohibited. The term "Spam" includes, but is not limited to: sending unwanted bulk messages and / or commercial messages over the Internet, supporting an open SMTP policy, or sending messages to the mailing list without double confirmation. Evitahost requires that all mailing letters contain a link to automatic cancellation from the mailing. We do not allow the use of purchased lists of recipients. Evitahost customers undertake to support all Can Spam Act rules (http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/business/ecommerce/bus61.shtm), as well as our spam policy. EvitaHost retains the right to determine whether recipients of the mailing are voluntary subscribers. Regardless of whether the sending of numerous emails is spam, as indicated here, or not, EvitaHost allows sending a maximum of 200 emails per hour from one client account.

3. Prohibited Proposals. The Client does not have the right to use the services of Evitahost for the purpose of securing, selling or offering for sale the following banned substances: drugs, prohibited medicinal substances, contraband medications or other substances; weapons; pirated materials; instructions for the creation, assembly or acquisition of illegal goods or weapons to attack others; information infringing the right to copyright, the right to a trademark or the destruction of the rights of others to intellectual property or information; information used to unlawfully inflict harm on humans or animals; pornography, nudity, sexual goods, programs or services; escort services or other material relevant to the topic - for adults.

4. Profanity. Profanation or material containing profanity in the content of the site or domain names is prohibited.

5. Confidential information and images. The client does not have the right to publish confidential information or the image of children or third parties without their permission (or permission of parents in case of minors).

6. Violation of intellectual property rights. Violation of the rights of any person to intellectual property.

7. Distortion of information transfer. Forgery, distortion, omission or deletion of message headers, reverse e-mail and / or Internet protocol address, to conceal the identification of the source of the message is prohibited.

8. Viruses and other destructive activities. Use of the service to create or send viruses, worms or Trojans, or for pinging, flooding or mail bombardment, or involvement in the attack is prohibited. Also, it is forbidden for any client to engage in other activities that are designed to violate or interfere with the effective use of the service by other customers (or any other related systems, services or equipment).

9. Hacking. Hacking and similar actions are prohibited. Hacking includes but is not limited to the following actions: unlawful access to a computer, account or network, without authorization, penetration or security penetration, port scanning, stealth scanning and other hacking measures.

10. Anonymous proxies. EvitaHost does not allow the use of anonymous proxy scripts on its servers. Since they are very resource intensive and interfere with the normal operation of other server clients.

11. Child pornography. Use of services for storage, publication, display, transfer, advertising or any other activities related to child porn is prohibited. Evitahost, within the framework of the Indian legislation, will notify relevant departments about the presence of child pornography on their servers or about its transfer through them.

12. Other illegal activities. The use of services to engage in activities that Evitahost considers illegal is illegal. Such illegal activities include, but are not limited to, storing, displaying, publishing, transferring or any other presence of pyramid schemes, fraudulent collection of credit card information or display of information on third-party credit cards without their consent, and non-compliance with on-line privacy laws. Evitahost will inform relevant departments of any unlawful fact that is present or transmitted through the service of Evitahost.

13. Indecent, defamatory, offensive words and expressions, as well as threats are prohibited. The use of services for storing, publishing, broadcasting, displaying or otherwise the presence of obscene, defamatory, offensive or threatening language is prohibited.

14. Storage of the archive. EvitaHost offers its services for hosting web sites, and not for storing archives. Use of the account to store electronic files is prohibited and will lead to the cancellation of the account without prior notice.

15. Other activities. The client's refusal to assist Evitahost in correcting or preventing violations of the terms of service provided by the client's activities, visitors to the client's site, or the customer's guests is a violation of the terms of service.


1. What does "Unlimited" mean? Evitahost does not set a limit on the number of resources used by one subscriber. In good faith and in accordance with these Terms, EvitaHost makes all commercially reasonable efforts to provide its subscribers with all the storage and bandwidth resources necessary to host their websites, if the use of the services by the subscriber is in accordance with these Terms. Without setting limits on key resources, we can ensure the availability of sites, even taking into account their possible growth, without changing to another hosting plan. As a result, a regular website can grow and become more popular, increase the amount of stored information without increasing the cost of hosting.

2. What "Unlimited" does not mean. EvitaHost uses sophisticated mechanisms to protect its subscribers and systems from abuse. Evitahost's proposal for an "unlimited" service is not intended for the actions of one or more subscribers to unfairly and adversely affect the work of other clients. The EvitaHost service is a shared hosting, which means that the websites of several Subscribers are hosted on the same server and use the server resources together. Evitahost service is designed to meet the typical needs of small businesses and home business sites. It is not designed to support the sustainable demand of large enterprises based on international level or non-standard applications that are better suited for a dedicated server. EvitaHost will use all commercially reasonable efforts to provide additional resources to subscribers who use their site (s) in accordance with these Rules, including moving subscribers to new and larger shared servers as needed. Nevertheless, in order to ensure consistent and high-quality work for all subscribers, Evitahost uses automated systems to protect against sites that grow too quickly and negatively affect the system, while Evitahost estimates the site's needs for resources.

3. Unlimited hosting space; unnecessary files. EvitaHost does not impose arbitrary restrictions on the amount of disk space that a subscriber can use for a website, and Evitahost does not charge an additional fee for increasing the amount of memory used, provided the Subscriber uses storage in accordance with these Terms. Please note that the Evitahost service is designed to host websites. Evitahost DOES NOT provide unlimited space for online storage, backup and archiving of electronic files, documents, journals, etc., and any such prohibited use of services will result in the cancellation of the Subscriber's account, with or without notice. An account with a large number of files (an inode greater than 200,000) can have a negative impact on server performance. Also, an account with an excessive amount of MySQL / PostgreSQL tables (that is, more than 1000 tables in the database) or database size (ie over 3 GB total use of MySQL / PostgreSQL or 2 GB MySQL / PostgreSQL usage in a single database ) has a negative effect on server performance. EvitaHost may require that the number of files / inodes, database tables, or the general use of databases be reduced to the proper volume or may cancel the Subscriber's account, with or without prior notification.

4. Unlimited file transfer. EvitaHost does not impose arbitrary restrictions on the amount of traffic consumed by the website due to visitors or on the amount of information the Subscriber can upload to his / her website in a given month, and EvitaHost does not charge an additional fee for increasing the use of bandwidth to those while the use of the Service by the Subscriber is in accordance with these Terms. In most cases, EvitaHost will be able to maintain as much subscriber website traffic as the subscriber can legitimately spend. However, EvitaHost reserves the right to limit CPU, bandwidth, processes or memory time in cases where it is necessary to prevent negative impact on other subscribers.


1. Disclaimer of warranties. You, the client, recognize that services and software are provided "as is" without any guarantees. EvitaHost refuses any guarantees or conditions regarding the quality, operability or functionality of the services and programs, or with respect to the quality or accuracy of information obtained through the use of services or software, and that services and software will be fault-free, without errors or free of viruses or other dangerous components. Services and software may contain errors. The advice given by the representatives of Evitahost or the support service will not be considered a guarantee.

2. Limitations of liability of Evitahost. EvitaHost is not responsible for the inoperability or delay in performance, loss of profits, loss of data or information, loss of business reputation arising for any reason, inside or outside of its control.


1. Site security and updates. Evitahost uses the modern security features of the Services offered. Despite the above, monitoring and maintaining passwords for the subscriber's website is solely the responsibility of the subscriber, and only the subscriber is responsible for all activities occurring in connection with the use of his name, password and registered domain name, as well as any scripts or programs added to the account by the subscriber or an authorized user. The Subscriber shall immediately notify Evitahost of any unauthorized use of the services or any other breach of security. It is solely the responsibility of the subscriber to update and secure any programs or scripts available through the Cpanel interface. Refusal of the subscriber to update and secure any programs or scripts available through the Cpanel interface can result in either updating programs and scripts by Evitahost or suspending your account, before updating them. EvitaHost will not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind, under any legal act caused by the Subscriber's refusal from any of the above security obligations or caused by any person to whom the Subscriber is granted access to the services of the account, or in connection with any update performed by Evitahost in accordance with the terms of this section.


1. Cancellations and refunds. EvitaHost provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for new hosting account registration, subject to the following conditions: 1A. Non-refundable fees. Charges paid by the Subscriber in connection with the acquisition of SSL certificates, domain confidentiality, domain names are not refundable.

2. Cancellation within the first 3 days after registration. If the Subscriber cancels the services within 3 calendar days from the date of registration, the subscriber receives a full refund of all fees paid in connection with the registration at his request, with the exception of the non-refundable fees set out in clause 6.1 (A). The subscriber has the opportunity, but not the obligation, to retain possession and control over any advertising campaign "free domain names" (except .РФ and .RU - which are not canceled) registered in connection with the subscription, in case of cancellation, the amount of 350 rubles will be deducted for the domain name.

3. Cancellation After 3 days and up to 30 days. If the Subscriber cancels the Services after 3 calendar days, but before the expiry of 30 calendar days, the subscriber will receive a refund of all fees paid in connection with the registration, with the exception of non-refundable fees, in accordance with paragraphs 6.1 (A) the following additional mandatory fees: 1. Free domain names. If the Subscriber registers any domain name within the "Free Domain Names" campaign, the return to the subscriber will be reduced by 350 rubles. (for a domain in the .RU zone) for the domain name. The subscriber retains full ownership and control over such domain names. 2. Postini / Dedicated IP. Any charges paid by the Subscriber in connection with Postini or the services of a dedicated IP will be returned in a proportional rate on the date of registration, length of service, and the date of cancellation.

4. Cancellation after 30 days. A subscriber may refuse services at any time after a 30-day trial period, but in this case the money will not be returned.

5. Notice of cancellation. The subscriber undertakes to send all requests for cancellation to Evitahost by e-mail, admin @ Evitahost .com. The cancellation request must include the verification of the ownership of the hosting account and / or the domain (s), as defined by Evitahost. The subscriber must also confirm to Evitahost that all e-mails, files and databases are stored and maintained somewhere other than the space of the Evitahost server.

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